What does it take for a machine to run efficiently and reliably?


How about your car - do you make sure that you change the oil, check the timing belt and spark plugs, and fill it with the appropriate fuel? Probably yes. 


What about your body? Your body is a machine, the one that keeps your health ticking along. Do you perform preventative maintenance, fuel it properly, and exercise it regularly? Perhaps not.

A lot of us take better care of our car than we do our body. If this is you, then you are in the right place.

I’m Heather, a naturopath based on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. I provide natural solutions to people’s health concerns. I’m passionate about teaching health awareness and cultivating wellbeing.

Photography:  Scott Wanstall

Photography: Scott Wanstall


I offer complementary 15 minute consults in my office should you have any questions or concerns prior to booking an appointment.




“Heather is deeply knowledgeable about her subject & offers a friendly, caring service. I was able to talk freely, discuss my needs & receive the correct products for my health issues. One feels as though they've known Heather for years - very much recommended!” S.W.


“Heather is knowledgeable, caring and dedicated.” E.D.


“I had a lovely experience with Heather. She offered some new treatments which I have never had. Really personable and easy to talk to and takes her time with you. Didn't feel rushed or like just another number! Highly recommend! 5 Stars” A.B.